Our Story

A family venture

In 2019, our family of 8 relocated to Noodle, and a year later, an opportunity arose that was too good to pass up. The historic Noodle Baptist Church was up for sale, and we couldn’t resist making it our own. We were thrilled to repurpose the building to align with our family’s interests and dreams.

After creating our non-profit homeschooling co-op X• Academy, our entrepreneurial spirit led us to pursue another one of our family’s lifelong dreams. Rochelle, with her extensive experience in preparing high-end meals for an East Texas Guest Ranch, running a Private Catering Business, and feeding our large family, was eager to bring her love of clean, healthy, and homemade meals to the community. From this passion and experience, Noodle’s Kitchen was born.

Noodle’s Kitchen is a 100% family owned and operated business, and we are striving each day to offer a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience. Each week we offer a different menu that is carefully crafted to provide our patrons with a brand new culinary adventure every time they visit. While it may not be the same thing on the menu from week to week, you can know that it will be delicious and fill your soul, much like a visit to your grandma’s house.

Our Family

We have lived in our home in Noodle since 2019. Since moving here we have fallen in love with the community and the people in it. We consider ourselves blessed to have the opportunity to call the area home and to raise our 6 kiddos here.

Both of us grew up on large cattle ranches in the Rocky Mountain region. Randy’s family brand was the Rocking X, and Rochelle’s was the Dot Bar. We combined our family brand and that’s where the X• came from that you will see around and throughout our building.

The Building

Noodle’s Kitchen is housed inside the historic Noodle Baptist Church, a century-old building that was home to worshippers in the community for generations. The pandemic of 2020 saw them shut their doors for good, and marked the beginning of a new chapter for this old church building. To honor the roots of the building, we’ve maintained many of the original features, such as using church pews to construct some of our tables and booths, showcasing original artwork, and incorporating church-like lighting, flooring, and colors. We believe that our space should be as memorable as the food we serve, and we take great pride in creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that honors the building’s storied past.

X• Academy

The first thing we did after obtaining the church building was to establish X• Academy, a non-profit organization that caters to our shared passion for entrepreneurship, education and athletics. We created a shared schoolhouse where homeschooling families in the Big Country could come together to access educational and athletic programs. All proceeds from Noodle’s Kitchen help to support the mission and purpose of X• Academy.

"Wonderful lunch spot! Homemade bread, soups, sandwiches, and salads made by a sweet family! I’ll be back!"

"Great place to eat for the whole family, and great tasting food made with real and fresh ingredients"

"Best part was the house made scone with raspberry butter that they gave us complimentary that day. It was very good. Then there was the homemade chocolate chip cookie, one of the best I've had in a long time. Super good. Service was great and overall a very neat experience. Highly recommend."


Sun: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-7:30pm


12806 FM 1812, Merkel, TX 79536

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